No More…

No More…


I want to SHOUT really loud about something that is happening every day, in every city, town and village. I want to shout ‘NO MORE’, No More domestic abuse, No More sexual assault, and my shouts will be louder the more people who join me!

As a Jamberry consultant I have teamed up with an amazing charity called Fight Against Domestic Violence . Their mission is to provide education, awareness, outreach, and financial resources to the domestic violence victim and their community.

Not a victim of domestic violence? Neither am I but unfortunately it is never far from us. Here are a few facts (SaveLives ):

  • Each year around 2.1m people suffer some form of domestic abuse –  1.4 million women (8.5% of the population) and 700,000 men (4.5% of the population)
  • Each year more than 100,000 people in the UK are at high and imminent risk of being murdered or seriously injured as a result of domestic abuse
  • In 2013-14 the police recorded 887,000 domestic abuse incidents in England and Wales
  • Seven women a month are killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales
  • 130,000 children live in homes where there is high-risk domestic abuse
  • 62% of children living with domestic abuse are directly harmed by the perpetrator of the abuse, in addition to the harm caused by witnessing the abuse of others 
  • On average high-risk victims live with domestic abuse for 2.3 years before getting help
  • 85% of victims sought help five times on average from professionals in the year before they got effective help to stop the abuse.

So what am doing to help? Well to start with I am talking about it, I am bringing awareness to those around me and educating them on the how widespread this issue is. I want more people to No More to domestic violence.

With Jamberry I am also providing pamper kits to centres, homes and refuges, containing all the tools and products for ladies to give themselves a little treat. Obviously this by no means will heal them of their traumas, but they will get the opportunity to concentrate on themselves. I am also attending local refuges to help with those pamper sessions, giving manicures and applying nail art.


Jamberry have a launched a specially designed nail wrap called ‘No More’ and will make a donation for every wrap sold, on top of that I am personally donating all of my profits from this wrap.


I hope that even if I reach just one person and make them say ‘No More’ to domestic violence that I will have helped!

Thanks for reading,


New beginnings…

New beginnings…


Well Hi there! And welcome to my brand spanking new blog! First things first… I’ve never written a blog before & (please forgive me) I only began reading blogs very recently! So please be nice…. and patient with me 🙂

So, WHY have I decided to begin writing & what on earth am I going to write about? My ‘why’ is that I’ve got soooooo much whizzing round my head, some things are just plain old grumpy mum complaints, some funny & some things that just maybe would help or be useful to others!

Before I ‘try’ and explain what I may (or may not) write about, I’ll tell you a little about me:

I am a 31 year old mother of 2, living in Lancashire, UK and I recently (Dec 2016) married a very lucky man! As well as being an Independent Jamberry Consultant I also work for a company called Mad Science, where I visit a couple of Primary Schools a week to deliver an hour of fun science education during after school programmes. I suppose to sum me up I am a science loving mother and wife with amazing nails!

I think that is where I’ll start with my writing then:

  • Parenting
  • Family
  • Science
  • Jamberry

I hope you enjoy the ride and hopefully watch me grow and find my niche in this brand new world of mine.

Thanks for reading,

N x